Teachers- Is “Good” Good Enough?

In this tempestuous time, we shouldn’t lose our evangelism for teaching kids.
I hope this “back to school” reblog from 2010 will still apply in Sept. 2015…

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Editor’s note: This is the second of three back-to-school columns written by retired teacher and principal Jim Nelson, and it’s addressed to teachers. 

Welcome back, Tri-City teachers, to another school year in possibly the most challenging and important profession there is. And while you scramble to deal with the present, I ask you to cast your minds to the future and consider this:

In 15 years, when your students are sitting in a pub somewhere discussing their favourite teachers, what will they say about you? Will anyone identify you as a transformational figure in their lives?

They should. Not all, perhaps, but some should.

So, amidst the hurly-burly of the start of another school year, please take some time to consider what kind of a teacher you are and what kind of teacher you would like to be.


You are a “good” teacher if you have…

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