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“The Sky Is Falling”

The Sky is Falling! Watching U.S. President Obama’s State of the Union speech recently, I was struck by how many “sky is falling” predictions made by adversaries over the years have been ridiculed by time. Gas prices didn’t go through … Continue reading

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Why Do We Hate the B.C.T.F.?

  Mention a salary increase for teachers and you’d think a bunch of greedy moneygrubbers were forcing Scrooge McDuck to open his money bin for ransacking. The public doesn’t get angry with the BCGEU, or CUPE or nurses, at contract … Continue reading

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F.S.A. is Political Football But Education is Rugby

  AS I SEE IT – Jim Nelson So the annual hand wringing over the Foundation Skills Assessments tests begins again: Why are teachers so dead against them? Is it just that awful B.C.T.F. being radical again? Should we keep … Continue reading

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