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Obamacare, The Canonization of Barak Obama

The term “Obamacare” has been the clarion call of the American right. It is however, coming back to bite them in the ass. Conservatives spit out the term “Obamacare” as often as possible, adorning it with simplistic rhetorical pejoratives: “… … Continue reading

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Those Bloody Teachers Seem to Go on Strike Every Year

The teachers are on strike again? It seems as if they go on strike every year and make our kids lose school days. Actually, they don’t. Never mentioned, in headline or media, is that since 2001, B.C.’s Liberal government has … Continue reading

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New Rule in B.C.’s Education Debate

New Rule:  Regardless of how many journalists do, you’re not allowed to call the B.C.T.F. “one of B.C.’s most militant unions” anymore. It’s a ridiculous thing to say.  If a militant union, let’s say the Longshoremen’s Union , was offered … Continue reading

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Free From Society’s Riff Raff

 An Old American Spiritual In North America and certainly in B.C., sane analysis of public education has long been abandoned; replaced with vitriolic anecdotal attacks on public schools and teachers. We direct most of our unrelenting ire at “the teacher’s … Continue reading

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