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Stop Saying the U.S.Election Was Unaffected

From The National Observer. Russian interference decided the election One thing is certain, it’s impossible to overstate the impact of Russia’s interference in the election, which was decisive. People, especially Democrats, should dispense with the mantra that it had no … Continue reading

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Let Obamacare Go

The U.S. election is over and GOP zealots are almost peeing their pants to finally repeal Obamacare. Killing “job killing” Obamacare is their mantra, their raison d’être.It is their sacred duty to exorcise this creeping cancer. They don’t even know why … Continue reading

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F.S.A. Exams – A Political Football

AS I SEE IT – Jim Nelson So the annual hand wringing over the Foundation Skills Assessments tests begins again: Why are teachers so dead against them? Is it just that awful B.C.T.F. being radical again? Should we keep our … Continue reading

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$50 Million? Look Out B.C. Teachers, You’re Being Fleeced.

Call me a cynic, but B.C.’s teachers shouldn’t accept a nickel from the B.C. government until the government publicly explains what the money represents. B.C. teachers and government negotiators have reached a deal to add $50 million dollars to the … Continue reading

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Five Steps to Buck Up for B.C. Education

My two kids were lucky enough to graduate from Tri City high schools, one in ’99 and one in 2001. They were lucky because they graduated just before  government cuts  began to affect educational resources  and programmes. Now they’re both high school … Continue reading

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