Does Homework Promote Non Academic Skills?

John Buell:

” Self discipline does not mean primarily learning that life is tough and one must generally do what one is told.It means learning to manage freedom…(by having)  gradually expanding opportunities… (to) be responsible for free time.”

Alphie Kohn:

“In sum, the usual claims that homework provides non- academic benefits turn out to be dubious and unsubstantiated… to talk about “independence”, “taking responsibility”, and “time management” may be a fancy way of saying that children must labour in solitude to complete mandatory assignments in such a way that they can quickly get through something they experience as pointless drudgery.Once we consider other goals and values, particularly if we regard them as more important than work habits, the conclusion that ineluctably follows is this: If we’re going to evaluate homework on the basis of non academic considerations, those considerations not only fail to provide a convincing case for homework, but argue rather convincingly against it.”

From “The Homework Myth

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