Why is Ilhan Omar being Vilified?

Rep. Ilhan Omar is a supporter of Palestinian liberation and a critic of Israel’s actions in their battle with

What did she say that has resulted in such vehement and bi- partisan objection? What would cause Rep.
Gohmar to spend his time penning:

H.Res.241 – Condemning the anti-Semitic comments of Representative Ilhan Omar from Minnesota?

What did she say that was so awful? These are the big three:

“Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”

“Drawing attention to the apartheid Israeli regime is far from hating Jews.”

“It’s all about the Benjamin’s baby,” a reference to a Puff Daddy song about $100 bill, and AIPAC, a pro-Israeli lobbying group.

For these remarks, Rep, Omar has been labelled anti semitic and has taken innumerable criticisms from
bi -partisan sources.

Surely this is not a proportional response in a congress that has not sanctioned any of its representatives who openly advocated and apologized for the attempted violent overthrow of a Presidential election?

Rep. Omar’s remarks are directed at the political struggle between Israelis and Palestinians. Only the word “Allah” refers to religion in any way. Her remarks are not anti semitic, they are political, so her vilification is not only unproportional but wrong- headed.

The response to Rep Omar’s statements seem to indicate that criticizing Israel is not allowed in the U.S. and is automatically conflated with anti semitism ,while actively advocating and supporting the overthrow of the U.S. government is merely free speech.

Rep. Omar has unfairly and Islamiophobically been scapegoated as the resident Muslim pinata.

The ludicrous hyopocrisy is palpable.




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