So, in the U.S., Who’s Left to Call B.S.?

Can Americans not see what’s happening to their democracy?

The U.S., by ceding control of its institutions to their President, is seemingly, enthusiastically, moving towards becoming a third world junta.

With the summary firing of F.B.I. Director James Comey, President Donald Trump has further consolidated his power, by reigning in one of the last non-partisan checks and balances to administrative excess – an independent intelligence community.

We’re lucky there’s no Reichstag to burn down.

Hypothetically, if Trump and his campaign in fact colluded with Russia to secure the U.S. election, as the schoolyard bully would say, “whatya gonna do about it…?”

Indeed, with the F.B.I. effectively silenced, who or what is left to stop Donald Trump’s excesses?
Donald Trump controls the Executive Branch of government. He has the power of executive order, policy veto, control of foreign policy and the military, and the vaunted bully pulpit.

Donald Trump controls the Legislative branch of government; the House of Representatives and the Senate, the country’s law making bodies.

Donald Trump controls the judiciary branch, having appointed a conservative to complete the right wing majority. While it’s true that some local and regional judges can and have slowed some arbitrary fiats, they can’t stop them, with the right dominated Supreme Court as the final arbiter.

Donald Trump controls the media. His rhetoric, with complicit right wing outlets and shock jocks, has greatly reduced this major check and balance to executive power. The media is now seen by the masses as an enemy of the people. Gallup says only 32% of Americans have “some or great” trust in the American media.
Donald Trump controls the military, not just because he is Commander in Chief. He has solidified his control by filling his Cabinet with retired generals to shape and support foreign policy without inconvenient congressional oversight. His determination to increase military spending buys the allegiance of the U.S. military but also elevates his right to fire should he be questioned or disobeyed.
Donald Trump controls Wall Street. Promises of corporate tax cuts, eliminating regulation, a turn towards protectionism, and a willingness to use his office to punish or reward individual businesses or industries will keep corporate America enthusiastically in line.


Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin may well control the world. Many posit, and the facts are beginning to substantiate , that Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin are fashioning an Ike-like worldwide military industrial complex- an oligarchy to control the world.

If world domination is a bit far fetched for you,at least consider this:

With Comey’s firing, Donald Trump now also controls the Intelligence Agencies of the U.S., and will soon have appointed his own people to head National Intelligence, N.S.A., C.I.A., and now the F.B.I.

So with Trump having control of the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of the US government, the military, the N.S.A., C.I.A. and F.B.I., who is there left to indict him or even investigate him should he commit indictable crimes?

With a hobbled media, what’s left of the checks and balances, the U.S. fathers fashioned to curb executive (Presidential) power?
With the capricious and summary firing of F.B.I. Director Comey, who or what is left to throw a President in the slammer should the situation warrant?

The worst thing about Comey’s firing is its purposely disrespectful process, the ludicrous reason given for the firing, and its actual, transparent purpose.
Everybody knows Comey was fired to end the investigation into Russian/Trump collusion, an investigation that was getting uncomfortably close to Mara Lago, er… the White House.

But given that Donald Trump controls not only the power sources of the U.S. but also their checks and balances, who’s left to call B.S.?

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2 Responses to So, in the U.S., Who’s Left to Call B.S.?

  1. G. Barry Stewart says:

    “Who’s left to call B.S.?”

    Saturday Night Live and Bill Maher, it seems. We’ll see if the people respond in the mid-term elections.

    You haven’t mentioned China. Xi must be grinning at the idiocy going on in the USA.


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