Premier Clark Dismisses Horgan as a Leader Who Lacks a Spine

Now there’s an objective headline from Postmedia’s  Vancouver Sun, fast becoming a B.C. facsimile of Breitbart News.

In his full front page hack job of NDP leader John Horgan, columnist Rob Shaw allows Premier Clark to muse unchallenged about what she sees ( strictly clinically of course) to be Mr.Horgan’s shortcomings:

“I know people sort of thought (former NDP leader) Adrian Dix was flip-flopping, but John Horgan … has got a bigger problem in terms of finding his spine, finding his backbone. That was something I’ve learned about him over the last little while in watching the NDP.”

“John, he is not as strong a leader as I thought he would be,” said Clark. “He hasn’t been able to corral his caucus, there’s so much disunity in the group, they are always fighting with each other. He can’t seem to take a position on any of the important policies, things it’s obvious we are all going to have to take a position on.”

The fact that the Vancouver Sun would give the Premier a free front page to trash her political opponent without rebuttal is a terrifying indictment of what the paper has become.

With Global T.V. News offering nothing but traffic reports and recipes and C.K.N.W. solidly in the bag for the current  government, where can British Columbians possibly get any kind of factual information or analyses?

Shaw’s  swiftboating article also featured a photo of Premier Clark’s back, as she is symbolically walking back into the Parliament buildings. Disgraceful.

The Vancouver Sun has always shown it’s right wing stripes.They could be counted on to play a crucial role in past media coups of NDP Premiers, from Dave Barrett to Mike Harcourt to that other reviled Premier Clark.

Marjorie Nichols, Alan Fotheringham, et al, would carpet bomb them int0 submission for sins much less serious than any one of ten current or past Socred scandals. Still, there seemed to be some nuance required in their assassinations, and there was the occasional dissenting voice allowed, strictly to inoculate the public into accepting the paper’s objectivity.

But any pretence of objectivity has long since disappeared. This is the Sun’s most blatantly partisan story since the Supreme Court of Canada publicly spanked  Premier Clark’s government and forced  them to return B.C. school staffing levels to 2001 levels. So,after a fifteen year battle with a government the Supreme Court said acted unconstitutionally, what headline did the Vancouver Sun feel best encapsulated the story?

“Premier Hints at Extra Educational Funding” was the Sun’s headline.

Even worse,in this recent Horgan trashing piece, after columnist Rob Shaw had dutifully recorded all of Premier Clark’s ad hominem remarks about Mr H0rgan, he had the gall to include a most spectacular irony:

“Clark said she’s not worried about the race, because she prefers to focus on being positive.”

It would be laughable if not so viscious and inappropriate.

The Vancouver Sun has lost all objectivity.It has become a shameless government shill.

If you must read the Sun, do the crossword puzzle, find out how the Canucks did, but please, consider their significant and transparent political bias when reading any “news” story or op ed.



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Educational consultant from Port Moody. "The Stuff Isn't What's Important" " School Wide Discipline Programmes Don't Work" " Vice Principals are crucial towards setting direction"
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2 Responses to Premier Clark Dismisses Horgan as a Leader Who Lacks a Spine

  1. Geoff McElgunn says:

    The amazing thing about all of this is that so many voters in BC actually buy this crap. The Sun, Global TV and it’s NW farm team are clearly on the Christy campaign bus, although Jon McComb and to some degree Simi Sara continue to hold the Liberals’ feet to the fire on a daily basis.
    It would take an entire issue of the Sun just to list the scandals, broken promises and backroom deals made by this government. Despite a list as long as your arm of Liberal misteps, a caller on CKNW this morning said “NDP? What about the Fast Ferries?!?” Really?
    What about the private power producers deals with BC Hydro that our children and grandchildren will be paying for? Ferries built overseas? The systematic weakening of the public education system? The rape of BC Hydro and ICBC? The downloading of homelessness , drug addiction and mental health issues on local governments? The near breakdown of Fraser Health? Child poverty? BC Rail? LNG? The list goes on and on. One might think that any one of these issues could tumble a government, especially one which has held power for as long as these guys. But, sincere Christy smiles into the camera and shovels promises off the back of the campaign bus and her supporters lap it up. Educate yourselves, folks. Christy loves the poorly educated!


  2. Geoff McElgunn says:

    Wow! Forgot about this one! So, Christy, what to you think of John Horgan and Adrian Dix now? They have shown leadership at a level that you would never have been able to climb to. Don’t worry, though. Andrew Wilkinson has everything under control in opposition. No, wait…..


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