In the U.S. It’s Now “Government Schools” not “Public Schools”

PhotoThis is the latest anti -education attack on public schools in the U.S.. It seeks to equate public schools to the “nanny state” ,demanding freedom from what they call the shackles of Government education.
It’s piffle, but it’s dangerous piffle that’s becoming more accepted, as the U.S. continues its assault on public schooling as a collective social intitative.

By the way, this is the direction education in B.C. is being taken. Here is an excerpt from a Kansas Republican source.

The Libertarian Party borrowed that for its party platform in 1980. “Government schools lead to the indoctrination of children and interfere with the free choice of individuals,” the platform said.

But only recently — and mostly in reliably conservative Kansas — has the term been used regularly and clearly as a political wedge. Education advocates in Kansas said they had heard it in conversations with state legislators (though few use it in public statements), in discussions about public schools on Facebook and on some conservative news sites.

The use of the term “government schools” is part of a broad education agenda that includes restraining costs. The far-right and libertarian wings of the Republican Party are pushing the state to loosen its laws to allow more charter schools. They oppose programs that offer free or reduced-price breakfasts and lunches, believing that schools have become part of the “nanny state” — another politically charged term — and are usurping the role of parents.

Beware of  the plethora of anti public education  jargon – the terms/concepts such as:
“School Choice”, “Charter School” “improving student achievement”, “voucher system” “merit pay” , “data driven dialogue”, “reliable measures”, “measurable outcomes” and “accountability” – all dog whistle for ” let’s have a public school system that will take care of society’s riff raff , but not my kid for whom I would prefer an exclusionary educational option”.

The anti  public education movement is a powerful alliance of corporate educational exam suppliers,right wing trickle down economists and think tanks, private & Charter School entrepreneurs, anti union groups, Libertarians,the Christian right, and reactionary Tea party types who know nothing about schools – only that they’re angry.


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