Terror From the East

In light of Monday’s liberating Canadian election, Here’s a blog from about a year ago that expresses one of the many frustrations that led Canadians to toss the bums out.  

Terror From the East –Nov 7th, 2014

Run for your lives, the Jihadists are at the palace gates.

Is that the response Canadians are supposed to have to the recent tragic shooting in Ottawa?

And you want us to hijack the solemnity of Remembrance Day to ruminate about jihadists in the closet as we remember not just two world wars but various American led actions in oil rich foreign lands?

Sorry Andy, but this Remembrance Day I will, as usual, take time to solemnly remember those who died in two world wars. I’ll wear my poppy, and reflect about what those young soldiers endured and about the horrors of war.

But I won’t sully Remembrance Day by joining you, Stephen Harper, and Peter McKay in looking for terrorists under every rock, and wringing my hands about impending jihad.

Make no mistake; I too am concerned with what effect the shooting in Ottawa will have on our country. But it’s not the jihadists I’m afraid of, it’s the hysterical response of our government, who stand poised to parlay the actions of a disturbed individual into a rationale for dismantling our civil liberties.

Last summer, my wife and I arrived in Ottawa on a warm fall day. We weren’t on Parliament Hill five minutes when we ran into our M.P. Finn Donnelly strolling down the sidewalk. We had a nice chat and noticing Olivia Chow walking down toward the main block, we called her over for a conversation and a selfie.

No R.C.M.P. in sight, no secret service, no militia or machine guns. We both came away teary eyed by Canada’s political openness.

And nothing has changed. Canada is still the same, despite jihadist hysteria and the actions of a lone   man who tragically found a focus for his rage and a chance for fifteen minutes of fame.

In response, Tories now want to spend 1.2 billion on attack drones, ease preventative detention and arrest requirements, introduce national security bills, and expand counter terrorism programmes and electronic surveillance.

You may be correct in thinking that on Remembrance Day Canadians should re-double their vigilance, but we needn’t look as far east as you suggest to find those who would harm our Canadian way of life.


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