New Rule #6 in B.C.’s Education Dispute

New rule;

Everyone must stop saying;

“ I want teachers to get a fair salary increase… as long as it’s affordable…”

Because that’s not what they mean.

Those who make this statement urging teachers to accept affordable salary increases, actually favour salary decreases for teachers.

Beyond their statement are some simple, stark numbers:

Cost of living increase in B.C.(Bank of Canada)   2002 -2014           25.07%.

B.C. teacher salary increases                                         2002 -2014           19.50%

Since 2002, B.C. teacher’s salaries have decreased signficantly to inflation.

And in the future?

Projected Consumer Price Index Rise                 2014 -2019               11.08 %

Gov’t salary offer to teachers                                    2014- 2019                 7.00 %

Teacher’s salary demands                                           2014-2018                 8.00 %


Clearly, not only is the government’s salary offer less than the projected cost of living increase over the contract’s term, so are the teacher’s salary demands.

Bizarrely, B.C. teachers are embroiled in a costly strike, part of which includes their fight to achieve five or six more years of cuts to their salaries.

So those who say;

“ I want teachers to get a fair salary increase. but it’s got to be affordable to taxpayers“ , must stop it immediately and in future say what they actually mean;

“ A 3.08 % salary cut over five years is too much for teachers.Instead, I think B.C.’s teachers should accept a more affordable,  4.08% salary  cut over six years.

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Educational consultant from Port Moody. "The Stuff Isn't What's Important" " School Wide Discipline Programmes Don't Work" " Vice Principals are crucial towards setting direction"
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3 Responses to New Rule #6 in B.C.’s Education Dispute

  1. G. Barry Stewart says:

    A great turn of the tables, Jim! Off to pass this on to my teacher-friends.


  2. James Minkus says:

    Hi Jim, love your writing!


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