Teacher’s Strike F.A.Q.

lucy says:
June 22, 2014 at 5:57 pm (Edit)
I was under the impression that wages was NOT the issue for the teachers…(insert sarcasm)… they keep insisting this has NOTHING to do with the money. Its about the kids??? If money was taken off the table would this be happening? I’m betting not. So lets be clear… this whole issue IS about the money.


jimnelson806 says: 
June 22, 2014 at 7:32 pm (Edit)


Of course it’s about the money. It’s about the 275 million annually taken out of the education budget as a result of the 2002 contract stripping.

It’s about the 5% across the board funding cut that was the very first thing then Education Minister Christy Clark did.

It’s about the annual cuts to education funding by “increasing” funding at less than the rate of inflation and downloading CUPE salary increases, carbon taxes, earthquake upgrades, high incidence learning assistance, ESL, and gifted costs to school districts.

And that money, taken from public education, hurts kids; and teachers teach kids, and teachers help kids, and teachers defend kids.

Surely you can see that.

If, by “let’s be clear…this whole issue is about money” you mean it’s all about “salary”, you’re dead wrong. Were it all about salary, teachers would have to be the worst negotiators ever. They haven’t had a salary increase above the inflation rate in twenty years. In 1998, the teachers accepted two years of zeroes( again) in exchange for class size and composition assurances; then Christy Clark tore up the contract and made sure they got neither the salary nor the class size and composition assurance.

Why do teachers need to prove their commitment to kids by never asking for a salary increase? If you, in your job, were told that a salary increase was proof that your work was just about the money, might you say “huh?’ how is that logical?

I assume that you’ve written to government telling them that their actions in education are all about money, that they don’t care about kids or teachers or parents…

This particular blog was strictly about salary, because that’s where the disinformation is thickest.

This “teachers” are greedy argument is not based on fact; it’s at the
” Scots are cheap” , “ The Irish are drunks” level.

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