New Rule #3 in Teacher’s Dispute

New Rule #3 in Teacher’s Dispute

New Rule;

Everyone must immediately stop saying;

“ Of course I think teachers deserve a fair salary increase, but it has to be affordable…”

What does “affordable” mean?

Does “affordable” mean the cost of living?

If so, teacher’s salary requests qualify. 8% over 5 years is less than the current and forecast rate of inflation (C.P.I.)

Does “affordable” mean we wish teachers would lower their salary demands?

If so, teacher’s salary requests again qualify. Teachers have lowered their salary requests several times. They have opted to give up on trying to “catch up” for historical salary erosion in hopes of getting a settlement.

Does “affordable” mean net zero? If so, then everyone has to stop saying “fair” as well as “affordable” when they say teachers deserve a raise.

To expect salary increases to be carved out of existing school districts budgets takes money from kids; and that’s neither affordable nor fair.

Unfortunately, I don’t think “affordable” means any of these things.
I’m afraid “affordable” means”:

Less than whatever teachers ask for, and;

Whatever the government wants to give.

The confusion and mis-information over teacher’s salary requests are diversionary tactics. If it was just salary, the contract would be signed already.

It’s really about the money stripped from education; 275 million per year since 2002 – that’s what’s really not “affordable”, because it’s already been spent – they never dreamed they’d have to pay it back.

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Educational consultant from Port Moody. "The Stuff Isn't What's Important" " School Wide Discipline Programmes Don't Work" " Vice Principals are crucial towards setting direction"
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1 Response to New Rule #3 in Teacher’s Dispute

  1. Janine Reid says:

    Jim your rules for the education dispute are right on. I hope you are sending them to the media and government too.
    Thanks for taking a stand.
    Janine and Cam Reid


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