Tories go Postal

Our Conservative government can hardly contain its glee at the prospect of destroying one of Canada’s biggest public sector unions, the Canadian Union of Postal Workers. (C.U.P.W.)

Just think. They can dump upwards of 60,000 union workers with living wages, good working conditions and public pensions; a huge coup. It’s hard for them not to openly cheer the prospect.

 And cutting our Postal Service can’t be seen as another Conservative anti labour pogrom because they have postal csar Deepak Chopra to do it for them – he’s totally independent of course, the government has no input or control over his deliberations; much like B.C. Liberals have no control over B.C. Ferries.

But not only do Conservatives have an arms length union buster on the job, cutting door to door mail delivery seems inevitable and intuitive. Digital alternatives make the postal service seem like just an unfortunate victim of progress; like the movie projectionists union, which died a painful public death a few years back.

So the government can cry crocodile tears over the loss of traditional Canadian mail service, while someone else busts a big public union for them.

It’s a perfect storm for Conservatives 

But in their glee, they may have overplayed their hand. Mr. Chopra might have started his postal surgery by removing a kidney to mitigate renal struggle, rather than over zealously eviscerating the entire body to address possible future illness. 

With  anti labour zeal, they moved a bit too fast , going  from zero to nuclear on the post office. No reducing to weekend or three day a week delivery steps required here; better to just axe door-to-door delivery and be done with it. With any luck, they should soon be able to replace any pesky remaining postal workers with non union minimum wage workers with low wages and no benefits.

With B.C. Liberals trying to bust the province’s teachers union, and their federal confreres gleefully going postal on one of Canada’s biggest public sector unions, the middle class is in trouble in Canada.

Between ten consecutive years of corporate tax cuts, busting unions public and private, as well as destroying public education, our conservative leaders are well on the way to institutionalizing the burgeoning disparity of income and wealth in Canada


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    • jimnelson806 says:

      Great idea – I’m a bit of a techno- peasant. I did what you said – do the sharing links work by default or do I have to attach them to each blog?

      Cheers, Jim Nelson


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    They’re not appearing right now, but once they’ve been added successfully, they’ll appear by default on every post. Try again?


  3. Sharon says:

    Yes please! Get the Facebook post thing on…may need a computer Guru for that but it would sure be great. Loved this Blog by the way.


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